lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Toxic Holocaust (US) - Gravelord (EP 2009)

Genre: Speed/Thrash/Black Metal
Origin: USA (Portland, Oregon) 1999
Vrb: 320 kbps

*Joel Grind - Vocals, Guitar (also bass and drums 1999-2008) (Tiger Junkies, Colon Rupture, HellVomit, Grave Mistake, Kunt Killer, Barbatos (Jpn), Gravewürm, The Rapists, War Ripper)
*Philthy Gnaast (Phil Zeller) - Bass (2008-) (Rammer, Kingdom of Sorrow)
*Nikki Rage (Nick Bellmore) - Drums (Kingdom of Sorrow, Phantoms)

7 inch vinyl.

Pressing information:
100 Red
300 White
500 Black

Gravelord is the studio version from the album "An Overdose of Death"
666 and Suicide Eye are two tracks from the same session not included on the

This version of 666 also appears on the Japanese edition of the Cd version of An
Overdose of Death

1. Gravelord 02:15
2. 666 01:49
3. Suicide Eye 01:42

Total playing time 05:46