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Varathron - Stygian Forces Of Scorn (2009)

Stygian Forces Of Scorn

Released as CD and LP. CD edition includes 3 bonus tracks and 16 page full color
booklet. LP edition comes in gatefold cover & transparent clear vinyl limited to
500 copies.


1.Behind The Mask 05:20
2.Legend Of Demusar 07:21
3.Legions Of Profane Wrath 06:23
4.Where The Walls Weep 06:07
5.Dismal King 03:28
6.Beyond The Darkness 01:58
7.Demoniac Abysmal Realms 05:48
8.Lord Of Illusions 04:50
9.Sacred Ahlat 06:43
10.The Depths Of Gnar 04:55
11.Aclo Savaoth Soth (The Final Chapter Of Acts)08:07

Total playing time 01:01:00


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