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Sinister - The Blood Past (2009) [Best Of Compilation]

Sinister - The Blood Past (2009) [Best Of Compilation]
Death Metal
The Netherlands
Bitrate VBR 256

Compilation of the band's first 6 releases.

"Putrefying Remains/Spiritual Immolation" 7'' (tracks 1-2),
"Sinister" 7''(tracks 3-5),
"Perpetual Damnation" 1990 Demo(tracks 6-10),
"Sinister/Monastery Split" 7'' (tracks 10-11),
"Sacramental Carnage" 1991 Demo (tracks 12-18),
& "Corridors to the Abyss," a bonus track from the 4-way "Nuclear Blast Sample"
1992 (track 19 ).

Track list:
1.Compulsory Resignation
2.Perpetual Damnation
3.Compulsory Resignation
4.Spiritual Immolation
5.Putrefying Remains
6.Putrefying Remains
7.Spiritual Immolation
8.Compulsory Resignation
9.Perpetual Damnation
10.Perpetual Damnation
11.Putrefying Remains
12.Sacramental Carnage
13.Epoch of Denial
14.Lacivious Desolation
15.Perpetual Damnation
16.Compulsory Resignation
17.Putrefying Remains
18.Spiritual Immolation
19.Corridors to the Abyss
Total playing time 01:12:00


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