martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Anima Damnata (Pol) - Atrocious Disfigurement Of The Redeemer's Corpse At The Graveyard (2006)

Genero: Black / Death Metal
Country: Poland (Wrochaw)

1-Proclamation of Reign of the Antichrist
2-The Gospel of Debauchery
3-The Promethean Burden
4-Cum On Christ
5-Celebracja ascezy
6-No Glory In Heaven
7-Towards the Black Throne at the Centre of Chaos
8-Those who don't wear the Devil's mark shall burn in Crematories of eternal Hell
9-Insulter of Heavenly Whore
10-Der Hurenbock von Sancta Sedes
11-My Blood and Flesh Belong to Hell
12-Nuclear Lucifer
13-Dawn of the Black Shining Moon

Total playing time: 42:34


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